Entry #1

First post!

2013-06-17 02:30:53 by GunKy67

Hi there. The name's GunKy. I compose music of all sorts, and only upload what I think is fit for the theme of newgrounds here, including video games covers, original music, etc.

You can check out my Soundcloud page here, or like my page on Facebook here.

Check out my music! For now I've only uploaded the two that you see, but there are many more songs to come! Enjoy listening to my music!


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2013-06-17 15:34:12

Welcome to Newgrounds!

(Updated ) GunKy67 responds:

Many thanks, although I am not new at all! I've been browsing the site quite often, and my old account is smilingpig67. I have since ditched that account for a fresh, brand new account, to highlight my improvement musically. :)


2013-06-18 09:18:29

nice , welcome bro

GunKy67 responds: